There is no end to how much you can know about! Have you noticed? How could we ever hope to keep up? And just how much life improvement do you figure that keeping up in this manner will afford you? 

We are accustomed to engaging in a rather narrow range of mental abilities. We consider thinking to be the highest attribute of mind. By “thinking” I mean knowing about the who, what, where, when and how of the ways of the world, and being able to remember, report on, and base actions upon this information. I certainly do not refute the importance of thinking. It’s essential to be a thinking person and terrific if you can excel here. I’ve always liked being good at thinking! But I also know that when I have trouble stopping thoughts, enough is enough.

It is time that we balance thinking with other capabilities of mind. Ancient people who did not have books, no less Google, learned through hearing wisdom, memorizing it, and telling it to others. They developed a discriminating awareness that recognized essential knowledge. Those who were in position to receive and pass on oral transmissions of wisdom were also those who learned how to cultivate knowing about knowing itself.