Mindfulness Stress Reduction

Mindful Stress Reduction is for people who want to commit to one month of regular mindfulness practice that includes mindful homework activities. The program is a shortened version of the MBSR class, an 8-week class, also taught here. A variety of practices will be taught including meditation, body scanning, lujong, mindful eating, and more. The relationship between mindfulness and stress, and mindfulness and health, including positive changes in brain function, will be described in an understandable fashion. Talking and listening exercises, plus group discussions are included in this course.

The benefits of this course are that it provides the participant with instruction, information, structure, and support for developing and maintaining mindfulness practices. The resulting skill of mindfulness of our bodies, thinking, and emotions brings insight into how we relate to stress and to life. We see choices that never occurred to us before. Rather than living with constant fear of not getting what we want, we begin to remember what it is like to feel good about being alive.

Class 1:                     Mindfulness of Body

Class 2:                     Mindfulness & Awareness of Ordinary and Pleasant Events

Class 3:                     Mindfulness & Awareness of Unpleasant Events

Class 4:                      Awareness of Stressful Reactivity

Full Day:                   A day of practice activities being fully with yourself in slience

  • The work you do in these classes and in daily homework does require commitment on your part. You have to be willing to show up, to practice a new skill, and to let go of expectations. But of course you would not be doing this unless you did have expectations, e.g. a more balanced, stress-free life. Therein lies the paradox and one among many topics that we will discuss.
  • Group work is a valuable part of this program. People generally find that the experiences they report on from the past week are appreciated by others in the group. We can relate to and learn from the experiences of others.
  • My role will be to guide you, lead you in lujong (Tibetan body exercises), answer your questions about mindfulness, meditation, and body practices; facilitate discussions; and support you in any way that I can. I will provide you with recordings and other materials for the course.

Dr. Norma Harris has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years. She is a former Asst Professor at Morehouse College, a retired Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, and currently a Buddhist Chaplain. Norma has been teaching mindfulness and meditation to individuals and groups for 10 years. She is a three time cancer survivor.

Five weeks of two and a half hour classes plus one full Saturday

Course Fee:
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Grant Park Meditation Center
1030 #3 Grant Street SE, Atlanta

September 5 – 28th, 2019

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Here’s what participants had to say about MBSR:

  • This was one of the best courses I have ever attended. Norma did an outstanding job and the day-long retreat really “brought it home.” It could not have happened at a better time for me personally. I have told quite a few people about the experience. THANK YOU. Well done.

  • I found this class to be exceptional and would recommend this be a mandatory session for any leaders, managers and above. I find [a leader’s] lack of ability to handle their own stress filters down [to their teams].

  • Thank you all so much for offering this. I hope to continue to incorporate mindfulness into all areas of my work and personal life.

  • The classes were exceptional. I had been acquainted w/mindfulness as having read the books only. The classes brought full circle a picture of how with yoga, exercise and meditation you can have a healthier and kinder way to live. Thus, allowing you to focus your life on your wellbeing at home and at work. I would highly recommend the classes. Thanks.

  • I very much enjoyed this class and honestly wish the class lasted a bit longer so I could continue to develop more mindfulness skills.

  • I can’t stress (no pun intended) how beneficial this Mindful (MBSR) 8 week class was. I feel I acquired a different skill set that allows me to better handle stress and to stay focused. The retreat itself was worth the time on it’s own. It was a very special experience that we all had, both individually and collectively.

  • Got a lot out of this class. Thanks for offering!