Body/Mind Release

Reducing Stress through Movement and Awareness

This stress reduction program is for people who will commit to 20 minutes of meditation plus homework activities throughout this 8-week program. It is based on Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR program and differs from it only by including lujong (Tibetan exercise) rather than yoga, and requiring shorter periods of practice daily. Other activities include meditation, body scanning, and mindful eating.

The relationship between mindfulness and stress, and mindfulness and health, including positive changes in brain function, will be described in an understandable fashion. Talking and listening exercises, as well as group discussions are included in this course. The full day of practice is an important part of the program.

The benefits of this course include providing participants with instruction, information, structure, and support for developing and maintaining mindfulness practices. The resulting skill of mindfulness of our bodies, thinking, and emotions brings insight into how we relate to stress and to life. We see choices that never occurred to us before. Rather than living with constant fear of not getting what we want, we begin to remember what it is like to feel good about being alive.

Dates to be announced soon

Grant Park Shambhala Center
1030 Grant Street SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

Grant Park Shambhala Center